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We offer learning and consultancy for successful cooperation across cultures and geographies.

Develop cultural competences and learn how to benefit from diversity in the global workplace.
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Enterculture is your gate to successful cooperation across geographies and cultures.

We help people from different cultures to communicate better and cooperate effectively.

We work for companies and organisations that have employees from different cultures, cooperate internationally  or enter new markets.

Without cultural awareness and understanding, behaviours can be easily misinterpreted and this has negative impact on cooperation. That’s why cultural competences are so important nowadays.

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Our passion for cultural explorations brought us together at the Scandinavian studies in Poland. After many years of friendship, but separate international careers, we decided to join our efforts to promote cultural awareness that is key to better communication in the global workplace.

We love to see how cultural competences improve people’s and teams’ abilities to collaborate creatively, effectively and with engagement.

Enterculture is your gate to cultural understanding

We offer consultancy and services related to organizational culture development, diversity and inclusion, cross-culture communication, virtual collaboration skills and change management.

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We offer workshops, lecture, coaching, and many more.

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We are focused on results and flexible to adjust learning solutions to your needs and expected outcome

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We love what we do and share our passion to encourage development


We translate knowledge to practical behaviours and development steps

What we stand for

We capture the potential in diversity and promote respectful communication across cultures.

We are member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research), SPCC (Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce) and Internations

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Promoting respectful communication


We support developing a respectful, satisfying and effective communication.

We believe people can understand each other regardless of culture of origin and create successful communication that contributes to higher efficiency in their work, their personal development and more peaceful society in general.

Our goal is to capture the potential in diversity.


We are a member of societies for intercultural expertise and expat organizations. We are also an active member of local communities promoting cultural awareness and understanding.


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Kasia is the author of a book “Swedes. Warm in the North” introducing the Swedish culture to Poles.


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