What we do

We support companies and organizations in improving communication and collaboration across cultures and geographies. This is especially relevant when….

Working in multinational teams

We offer a great spectrum of learning and development services related to cross-cultural collaboration, long-distance working, leading multinational and/or distibuted teams.

Cooperating with foreign partners

We offer culture awareness courses, country introductions and coaching regarding cross-country cooperation i.e. shared service centres.

Leading dispersed teams

We offer learning and development regarding long-distance working and leading dispersed or distributed teams.

Creating an inclusive workplace

We offer support regarding creating a diverse and inclusive workplace in the full employee cycle in the company and collaboration ways.

Relocating employees

We provide general cultural awareness courses, country introductions, relocation and cultural coaching, cross-country collaboration workshops and many others.

Merging organizations

We provide change management consultancy, organizational culture analysis and design, facilitate collaboration workshops.

Recruiting foreign personnel

We offer consultancy and learning related to recruitment and onboarding of foreign personnel i.e. cultural training for recruiters, cultural training or coaching for new hires.

Entering new markets

We offer country introductions and cultural courses and coaching to prepare for entrance to the new market and ease the cross-border collaboration.

Developing organizational culture

We promote diverse and inclusive work environment, be it different nationalities, age groups, gender diversity, disabilities or just strengthening organizational cultural to meet the demands of the future.

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