Who we are

Our passion for cultural explorations brought us together at the Scandinavian studies in Poland. After many years of friendship, but separate international careers, we decided to join our efforts to promote cultural awareness that is key to better communication in the global workplace.

We love to see how cultural competencies improve people’s and teams’ abilities to collaborate creatively, effectively and with engagement.

Get to know Magdalena Kusojc

  • Magda is a learning and development consultant, intercultural trainer and certified coach. She is based in Berlin.
  • A graduate of Scandinavian studies and Public Relations at the Warsaw School of Economics she has gained some 20 years of broad corporate experience (including at a Centre of Excellence in Oslo) in change management, leadership development, organizational culture development as well as training design and implementation.
  • Magda has lived and worked in Poland, Norway, England, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia and is a devoted traveler across cultures, be it various countries or environments.
  • In her coaching practice Magda focuses on relocation coaching, leadership and career coaching. As a trainer and mediator, she supports multicultural and diverse teams in their ability to connect, have a constructive dialogue and perform.
  • Magda is appreciated for her ability to connect people and sharing her passion for culture in a warm, amusing and thought-provoking manner.

Get to know Kasia Moleda

  • Kasia is a business consultant, intercultural trainer and sociologist.
  • Her passion for learning and sharing knowledge made her study for many years (she holds diploma in Applied Sociology from Stockholm University and in Scandinavian Studies from Gdańsk University) and work as a learning designer, facilitator and author.
  • As a Mindfulness instructor (authorised for leading Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8-weeks programmes), she recognizes the crucial role of physical and mental well-being and creates optimal conditions for learning, making her participants and coachees feel both safe and energized.
  • She’s an experienced public speaker who engages, challenges and entertains her audience, while spotting and confronting stereotypes with analytical data and giving inspiring examples.
  • Kasia is Member of SIETAR Europa and Nominating Committee Member in Mindfulness Based Teacher Association Sweden.
  • She has written articles on social and cultural issues for Polish magazines and book “Swedes. Warm in the North” that was ranked in Poland as a bestseller in non-fiction category.

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