What is Happy at Work?

The easiest tool on the market to measure well-being and levels of stress in your organization.
We believe in continuously evaluating the work environment with simple and insightful questions.
This allows you to quickly find negative trends among the organization, in order to handle the issues before it’s too late.



The tool works this easy

With Happy at Work, you can choose how often you want the surveys being sent out, and what questions you want them to contain.
Thereafter, the system will automatically handle the dispatches. You will be warned if negative trends are found.
The results of the surveys are presented weekly or monthly and can be filtered by different groups within the organization.

More important to measure now than ever !

In the last months, many companies have started to work remotely. This trend may continue.
This makes it harder for the management to know how their employees are doing when they work from home and they don’t meet daily.
Happy at Work is a tool that makes it quick and easy to measure happiness and workload in your organization.
The only thing employees need is an e-mail address or a phone number to answer the anonymous survey, which takes only 10 sec.
No need for downloading anything, everything is in the cloud and you can start immediately.

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